what should you buy a laptop or desktop in 2020

Hello today we are going to talk about what should you buy a laptop or  desktop in 2020 a brief guide

I must say it depends on the person its work or its need it is an option between mobility and power compact or large.

There are various types of the user, for example, students, employee, developer, programmer, animation, gamers, etc.

Let’s find out what you get with a laptop

The laptop is a compact device that has all facilities as a full-fledged computer but with less power and mobility and compact.

But the scenario has changed due to Rapid growth in technology laptops are beating the desktop in certain areas but let me remember your father is always a father.


The main USP of the laptop is portability and compact design of the machine which allowed the person to carry it with her at any place where he or she goes.

 Due to changing Technology since 2011 laptop has become more powerful and compact in terms of the processor as well as battery life which create great value for money deals for some users.

So what has changed you can get a laptop starting from 10000 rupees (132$) to 500000(5lakh) 7000$ which covers almost all types of user but it will always have disadvantages of customization.

The Advantages of laptops are they come with inbuilt keyboard mouse Bluetooth Wi-Fi speak webcam which quality depends on the brand and the price tag.

Disadvantage of laptops

They are expensive compared to desktop as a result if you are tight on budget and mobility is not a big issue then the laptop can be more expensive than the desktop.

There is also a heating issue in the laptops which creates a problem in some higher temperatures.

A laptop has a shorter life span than desktop in terms of Technology upgrade and power.


Desktop computer is a combination of CPU GPU monitor mouse keyboard etc.

In short, it is a system built together to make computer

Advantages of computer they are more powerful compared to laptops

They can easily upgrade and can be customized

Desktop is more pocket-friendly compare to a laptop and also for value for money

They can run cooler at higher temperature due to the large size

Disadvantages of desktop

The most famous reason to create laptop is mobility so desktop is not good for mobility it means you have to keep it on 1 specific place or area you can carry that with you but it is adapted to carry all things such as monitor CPU Mouse keyboard show main disadvantages it is not mobilize.

Second disadvantage is that you have to purchase Mouse keyboard Bluetooth Wi-Fi monitor etc.

If you are buying components for your desktop if you do not know how to assembly it may be a problem for you i may recommend you that component should be assembled by professional or you should buy a prebuild PC.

Laptop vs desktop

So what should you buy as I told you in above that it depends on person to person as well as it works what type of work do you have how to use your system what is your requirement what is your budget and is mobility is the main consonant or not

Let be clear laptop is as important as mobile in daily life as mobility plays important role in today’s world so if you are student elite computer user then you can buy a laptop which will help in your studies as well as watching videos and study.

If you are some professional then you can also go for the laptops in the terms of video editing or you are a YouTube or your employer Businessman varieties of laptops available in the market as I told you before due to the Rapid increase in technology you have varieties of the laptop there are gaming laptops there are professional laptops for enterprise their surface book for education but it depends on the budget.

As i tell you minimum laptop with 8GB RAM a good processor and a 1or2 GB graphic card cost you near 35000 rupees which is good but at this price,You can get a more powerful machine if you go with desktop yes or no but due to competition in this market laptops are not providing as great value for money but always remember a laptop can never provide a power which a desktop can provide because the processor the chip of the laptop are different and desktop processor have higher  power usage tdp  is different  show the total utilization of the processor is not done in laptops as compared to desktop.

So why should you go with a desktop

The desktop will always provide money for value because in this market after the entry of AMD processor the monopoly of Intel has been destroyed and AMD providing various type of  value for money processor so due to competition in the market consumer  always get benefit and desktop has an option of various varieties of customization where the customization option or upgrade option in the laptop are very less in laptop Ram, storage are two main option but in the desktop, you can upgrade your processor if the motherboard is compatible with the next-generation processor you can upgrade your graphic card you can upgrade your storage, ram, monitor you can upgrade your keyboard , mouse whatever you want but laptop you can just upgrade two thing which is RAM and storage which has also some limits.

So what should you buy a laptop or a desktop?

To be very clear and precise if you are a person work for home as well travelling  mobility is the main concern then laptop is best and if your budget allows you in the market there are so many laptops which will fulfill your 85% of need which is great compared to last decade before it was just 40% so the laptop is the best option as today’s laptop provide a great processor power as well as Ram storage and most important battery life with graphic card  which is a great for student programmer YouTube even for video editor so the laptop is always the great because the mobility is the thing in this segment and due to Rapid increase in technology various new processor based on 7 NM and upcoming 5nm  will provide good battery life and in technology in the battery life it also improves which will create a mobility platform for laptops .

In upcoming years but within a price Yes the price will always be higher till any innovation is not done in this segment but you remember mobility is the priority .

The desktop will always remain as a father as I tell you the mobility plays an important role if mobility is not issue  then power which desktop provides it’s insane yes the value for money and the power with desktop provide inside if you are a person form home mobility is not an issue who has to work from home is always be desktop as machine.

if you are an animation creator and architecture or a game or a streamer then desktop will do your all hundred percent work without any problem show some comparison if build  desktop of 120000 rupees(1,581$)  and  the same build  will cost you in laptop 300000 rupees(3,953$) as you see the comparison at 3 lakh you will not get the cooling technology which you get at 120000 rupees desktop .

As money place important Role in the mobility of a laptop but as I say as a normal user an average laptop will provide all the basic necessities which a normal user need such as  browsing Microsoft Office PowerPoint playing normal games watching movies creating PPT but if you are a gamer or has a specific work-related to computer programming creating animation architecture or video editing you will need a good processor, ram and graphic card so you can do your work smoothly .

In India they are selling of old laptop for example in 2020 i7 2 generation laptop will get around 13000 rupees 172$ dollars which run all basic thing I mention above i7 2generation laptop were lunched in 2011 so this is the scenario in developing countries .

In India the big games is that IN INDIA THERE ARE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE WITH MOBILE BUT DOES NOT HAVE LAPTOP OR DESKTOP FORM THIS MAJORITY OF PEOPLE DOES NOT NO HOW TO OPERATE LAPTOP AND DESKTOP but in other developed country laptop desktop users were first and after that got a smartphone but in India, it is an opposite majority of people got Smartphone first  but does not know how to operate a PC or desktop as a reason majority of a task are done by smartphone also known as a small computer, as a result, today  Intel I7 second generation mobile processor is still in sale in the market in the form of dell laptops and Lenovo ThinkPad series.

Current scenario off the market in 2020.

As gaming culture is increasing day by day and online jobs such as freelancing is increasing laptops and desktop sales are increasing in the terms of portability and power so the question arises should you buy a laptop for the desktop in 2020, as a result, I tell you about enhance gaming laptops  demand is increasing professional needs mobility of power and pro needs more and more power productivity and gamer community or say gaming industry and the streaming industry is developing rapidly fast so high-end devices started playing important roles.  


Normal user and your budget is under 35000 you should buy a laptop as it provides you mobility so it can be used in day to day life as well as I’m traveling.

 If you are a professional or need some hardcore computing power then a desktop is the best choice no doubt it anytime

Now the third scenario if you have budget around 45000 to 1 lakh you can get a powerful laptop which will provide productivity as well as gaming at a Limited amount but it will provide a good experience.

Scenario 4 if you want to build your dream spec computer then the desktop is the best choice as varieties of customization as per need and money.

Scenario 5 which company or brand should I go it depends on the user if he is Intel fan boy OR AMD fan boy AMD processes are providing better value for money in both laptops as well as desktop it is a personal choice of an individual but in my personal opinion I would prefer to go with AMD processors in desktop and if you are planning to buy a high-end laptop then should go with new AMD 4th generation processor for a reason the architecture is based on 7 nanometers which will provide better battery life.

If you want to buy a pre-built PC in 2020 so do not forget to check my blog should you buy prebuilt pc in 2020

Thank you for giving your valuable time I hope this blog will help you to decide should you buy a laptop or desktop in 2020

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