should you buy prebuilt pc in 2020 ft.bitkart

PC building is an easy yet hard task to be done so should you buy prebuild PC in 2020

I can say yes or no so to be clear its depend on person to person work to work and skill you have or experience

what is pre-built pc

A pre-built PC is a machine that is properly built and assemble so that you can use the system as soon as to get it out of the box everything is pre-installed like CPU GPU Ram as well as driver and has checked all things are working.

There are various types of pre-built available in the market such as gaming ring video editing rendering office work as per the test of client

Nowadays the company also offers custom ring in which you can go to company website where you have to select the specification which you want in your pc.

First, the pre-built PC means that the specification which company has you have to buy specific thing you have to buy specific item form the category and price but now the scenario has changed now the company are offering various types of category, as well as price range and the more important thing is a custom rig offers helps you to select all the thing which you want in your prebuild PC such as you can select your motherboard your cabinet your processor your Ram your graphic card your cooler, SSD your everything so that you have not to buy the system available in the website where you can also build your own system as per your need and specification.

You should buy a prebuild or build by yourself

As it depends on person to person as building a PC is not a piece of cake one should have proper skill and experience to build it because it has an expensive component, as well as small mistake, can destroy your CPU and it is time-consuming and it is a time process so professional skills are needed but it does not mean that you cannot build your own PC you can if you are enthusiastic and has a passion to build PC having knowledge of component its common nowadays but building it is a different task.
I may suggest if you are a professional or have an experience of building PC then you can go for it and can build your dream PC by yourself but if you are a person like me who has technical and component knowledge which processor to buy at which time to buy but does not has an experience of building PC then prebuilt pc is the best option as they have a custom rig which allows you to add all the specification as per your wise. is a prebuilt pc seller, as well as custom rig, build an online website that provides service of prebuild pc in the Indian market.

Bitkart .in says:- These machines are what we know best.

Bitkart is present in this business since 1999 were they sell hardware and started building Mass Computer Systems.

there main aim to started Bitkart .in is to provide services to communities of gamers and architects as well various sector which has required pc as mod of work if I say this 1999 was time was demand of computer are increase as all-new sector are growing in India such IT,3D modeling, video editing, architects and now gaming as well as streaming on youtube now strong hardware make sense as well as play important role in day to day life.

what types of prebuild they have

they provide various types of prebuild as per the category and price for example in their website they have option in the slide which show some option which makes things more easily such as when you go to device in the homepage there in slide there are an option as per example under the usage you have an option like



  1.  INTEL
  2.  AMD

Then processor, price range, graphics card this types of thing make easy to find a prebuild pc as client.

custom rig

This is a very cool option available in as this option allows you to create personal pc with selection base on you when you click on a custom rig a page will open which look like this

credit goes to
credit goes to
when you select gaming rig or any option then one by one option will come like cabinet in that company name then model with price
credit goes to
check this video so you can understand in details in total amount will show and if you do not want to buy at that time you have the option of pdf near amount click it and download file so you can buy it later.
price and economic analysis

if you are in metro city then you can find offline store where you can get all product otherwise if you are in village or remote area it is hard to get even in small city also some specific product which is online only is hard to find so in this you have go to big city which will cost around 500 to 1000 rupees plus time as patient while buying product and bargeting.
the second scenario if you try to buy it online like form Flipkart, amazon their chance of some product may not available or higher the price if you buy it form another electronic online website like MD computer and prime abgb same case some product, for example, Ant Esports ICE-511MT Mid Tower is not available in prime abgb .
so far I can say offline price and online price form MD computer and prime abgb has some minor difference from 20rs to 1000 rupees which make settlement when you buy all components.
so buying form in is expensive I say yes let me tell you prebuild pc is little on costly side because it has charges of build assembling so it is the same case if you buy all components form online or offline and give it to any computer store for assembling it may charges form 500 to 1000 rupees as result same amount you will get a prebuilt pc.
third scenario i will compare custom rig prebuild price to primeabgb component with same specs with assembling it

credit goes to
credit goes to

the result is bitkart .in cost INR 64,040.00 and primeabgb cost INR 62,696 just componet build will be done by owner or with some shop of computer were bitkart will provide prebulid pulgin and play .

you will think it is expensive right no wrong let me clear it

when you pay online via NEFT or RTGS you will get 2% discount on both patforms

so if you get discount form both the platforms difference is 1,317.12 rupees only if you do to get discount it is 1,344.00 rupees this is not so expensive and if you bring components from primeabgb if you know to build then you save 1,317.12 or 1,344.00 rupees but not then you have to call technical and have to paid service charge or go to there shop wait hours or leave component to build where transparency issues rise.
on other hands, a complete prebuild is arrived as a plugin as paly no tension of build-in just more cost with a small amount which also give 3-year warranty plus technical support via call online or in very serious case you can send build back to there office so there can fixed which is in a very rare case.

shipment /order process/transparency

they provide free shipment in all India with a top in class packing form top to bottom they have even provide a video in youtube how to remove all the covering so you can reuse it there provide export level packging.
order process when payment is successful they will call you regarding all components and your order if you what any particular thing to be change you can tell them as example I what to know the model number of HDD or Xyz so they can change as per the neede then they will send a video clip in which they will unbox all component which will be used in build by name so seal pack items are used to build your pc and show the transparency of company which create good images in the eye of customer as well all doubt will clear of components.
transparency play important role in electronic as people are more concert about it trust issues they have come with an international level idea they will provide a link of app and id and password via email the app is gDMSS Lite is wifi base Android Phone Remote Surveillance Software, Support Remote Surveillance, and PTZ Control so when you install the app select the country then device and then add device and last surprise you can see all you pc build from beginning to end till all test are done and packed for transport so 100% transparency

payment option

there are various payment option form cod cash on delivery up to 70,000.00 rupees only online payment like debit card, credit card, upi,neft and rtgs has plus point of 2% discount and last but not the least EMI YES there various bank such as( only credit card)

  1. Kotak Mahindra bank
  2. Hdfc bank
  3. Axis bank
  4. Indusind bank
  5. Rbl bank
  6. Icici bank
  7. Standard chartered bank
  8. Yes bank
  9. American express
  10. Sbi credit card
  11. Bank of Baroda.

sooner or later bajaj finance card will be added so if you have a credit card you can get your dream pc starting with a 3-month option till 24 months with 12% to 15% Interest Rate.

so at last 2020 is the best time to buy prebuild pc it may cost little amount more with lots of trust BITKART.IN has played an important role in this market in all terms form building till shipping.

I hope you will gain some info form my blog thanks for giving your valuable time and there are many other website like and may cover them also and compare them but so now is best in my personal opinion .

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