What is tesla cybertruck to know the answer first we need to know what is pickup truck?


In America pick truck culture is very popular there are SUV with a larger size of engine more displacement more cc with the capacity of carrying good as size or say the weight of the vehicle

In short, there is a utility vehicle to carry goods or to travel various purposes.

pickup truck or pickup is a light-duty truck having an enclosed cab and an open cargo area with low sides and tailgate

So now what is new tesla has done before that example and most important current pickup truck most popular is Toyota Tacoma as example 

Some images will clear the image of what is a pickup truck 

normal pickup truck
pickup truck with load

Now to asked why I am explaining about pickup truck because when there is revolution in any industry people should now it details


Tesla is electric vehicle manufacturing USA based company they announced and pickup truck name as tesla cybertruck so first it all-electric and second it is a revolution in this segment let understand in detail.

teslacyber truck
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Tesla is only fullflage electric four wheels manufacture in the market few months(2019) back the CEO of tesla Elon mask announced tesla all-new cybertruck means an SUV a pickup truck.

So what new about it is pick truck or SUV but there new or say revolution before it there it was a revolution in truck segment but now in it is in pickup truck segment as American used pickup truck as utility vehicle in day to day life and also for off-roading and picnic USA has a culture of pick truck 

So I did not understand what is new

First, it is fully electric second the design of the cyber truck is futuristic, as well as a new revolution in the segment of pickup truck third the build quality, is like personal arm vehicle 

tesla cybertruck
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For that let’s go thought it specifications 



single motor rwd means Rear-wheel drive (RWD) is a form of engine and transmission layout used in motor vehicles, where the engine drives the rear wheels only. in short only one motor powerd the car in the rear wheels




for all details specification you can visite this website https://www.evspecifications.com/en/model/ce47f0

tesla cyber truck interior 6 seaters
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yes it looks awesome it is 6 seater with four-door so what makes it futuristic’s design , technology , material i say all thing lates start with materials it is made with space rocket base materials which is very strong as you can see on there product presentation

the look is futuristic’s some say it is ugly or raw material no paint Xyz but there is purpose for this type of look which is aerodynamic as well as futuristic’s as i said before this is the revolution in pickup truck market for the century.

tesla cybertruck
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technology, as it is all-electric truck with power input of sport car as above spec, saw the details regarding range speed it milestone in electric vehicle but there is also some electric pickup truck in the market which also has good spec but some are expensive or say not so pocket-friendly and the goodwill of tesla in electric car plays an important role in buyer to attract this deal but the cache is just date yes 2020 2021 pre-orders are started in 2019 at lunched but production will near in late 2021 so yes preorder stated with refundable 100$ dollars which good deal and almost 200,000$ amount within couples of days of pre-order you can also booked by just clicking TESLA .

NOTE :- Fully refundable. You will be able to complete your configuration as production nears in late 2021. Single Motor RWD production is expected to begin in late 2022.

as say by Elon musk twitte 146k cybertruck orders so far with 42% choosing dual motor 41% tri motor and 17% single motor as single motor orders are less due its production date 2022 maybe

key fetures and pricing plays important role in this pickuptruck segment

first, it is a long-run race if a person who used pickup truck has to decide by seeing all necessary things which he /she will use most as a utility/tour/work/arm vehicle.

tesla cybertruck picnic concept
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second, this segment was ruled by fossil fuels it is a first-time electric company is an entry in this segment, not everyone will buy pickup truck as it is expensive.
as example Toyota Tacoma with price around 26,000-50,000$ dollars around with same spec as tesla cybertruck base version 39,900$ with more towing capacity more range etc.

tesla cybertruck
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so third the price according to expert the price are resonable, yes tesla when lunched people may think it may be near 100,000 dollars but with respected price and range it makes awesome deals if it stay on promises by spec and company.

in this blog we will not talk regarding autopilot system will we covered it later with economic analysis like cost of charging maintenance EMI etc .

thanks for providing you valuable time I hope you will gain some info regarding tesla cybertruck and you can gain more info by reading my the daily tech news blog and I like to recommend a YouTube channel teslanomics with ben sullins this guy as some really good stuff and also has an economic analysis of tesla.

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